Turn your book into what?
Social media posts.

That’s right! Easily use your book to promote itself on social media. 

"Best investment I've ever made."

- You in 3 months

We're about to blow your mind. I hope you don't need it for something later.

You wrote a book! Congrats.

The hard part is over. Oh, wait.

No it isn’t!

Now you have to get it in front of people AND have them actually consume it. 

How do you do this? Ads? Videos? Throwing copies off your balcony?


Sounds exhausting, right?

And not a great use of your time. After all, you already spent so much time WRITING the thing.

You know what IS a good use of your time?

Literally anything else.

That’s why you should hire us to do it for you.

The cool thing that people who write books often forget is this:


You literally already did all the work. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Just USE that book to extract and tweak the information into social media posts. We want to pull out all the best bits to show people what’s inside.

It’s like a trailer for a movie. They want to get people to watch the movie, so they pull out all the good stuff and make people say “damn that looks good.”

We want to do that with your book.

Turn it into a ton of social media content to promote… well, whatever you’re promoting.

And that’s what my team does.

We’ll interview you about the book so that we have some video to work with too. Then, you get 100+ social media posts, all based on your book.


Because if you’re not being SEEN… you’re just a part of the noise.

How does this work?

This is a service as a product. No need to mess around going back and forth with things – it’s intended for you to be almost entirely hands off. Submit your form, we work our magic, and voila – your content is done.

I know. Unbelievably simple, right?

We Repurpose Videos

Interviews, talks, webinars, Facebook Lives, anything really. Usually we need 1-2 hours/m. Drop it in the folder, and go do something else…

We Repurpose Books

You wrote a book! That’s great. But only the people who read it are going to see that content now… let us pull out the best bits for social media!

Everything is Your Brand

Our logo looks awesome, we know, but you don’t want it on your stuff. Everything we make is branded with your logo and colors (and maybe even a cheeky photo!)

We Repurpose Podcasts

In an hour long podcast there are about 6-10 real golden nuggets. Let us create audiograms for you, to position you as an authority and tempt your audience!

We Repurpose Blogs

Sadly, not everyone is going to eagerly click your latest blog post and read the entire thing. (except your mum. Thanks Mum.) How about sending out some of the best bits of it across social media?

We Work Fast

You submit your content, and within a week, you get it back. All social ready.

You’re right,  we are amazing!

Told you - this is a game changer.

This sounds awesome. How does it work?

The process is
quick and painless:

STEP 1: submit content

Simply paste a link to your book in our form

You can either do an auto interview (where I interview via automatic video, it’s super cool and can be done in your own time)

And if you have a video or podcast episode, just send it over inside the form.


This is where we do our magic

Listen, we really only do content repurposing, so we are pretty amazing at it. Our clients LOVE our content.

We pull out your most authentic clips, specifically selecting things that will bridge the gap for your clients and bring them closer to working with you.

We repurpose content that champions your voice to connect with the right people at the right time.


You give it a thumbs up

We want to make sure you’re happy (and we won’t stop until you are.)

We deliver your first social media posts via Google Folder within 10 days of getting it. Boom!

Which Option Suits You?

They're both great, but we're biased.

Amp Your Book

Turn it into 3 months of social content!
$ 2500
or 3x payments of $1000
  • Simple form submission: Send us your book, and any audio or video content you have about it or what's in it.
  • 1 Auto interview! We have a video conversation via VideoAsk to find out more about your story.
  • 100+ pieces of social media posts delivered to you within 30 days.
  • Email Support

Amp Your Book

Turn it into 3 months of social content!
$ 4000
or 3x payments of $1500
  • Simple form submission: Send us your book, and any audio or video content you have about it or what's in it.
  • 1 interview! We have a video conversation about your story and the background of the book.
  • 200+ social media posts delivered to you within 30 days.
  • Email Support

You can get results like this...

We love our clients and they love us. (Minimal bribery involved, we promise. Not NO bribery. Just minimal.)

Kathleen Black

Business Coach. Entrepreneur

“The Power Creative team have amplified our content significantly. They have allowed us to grow our impact and influence… There’s no other social agency we would choose to help us implement more engaging content for our audience.”

Karen Cappello

Business Coach

“Beck and her team are awesome! It was like magic. The process was simple, hands off and effective. The graphics are professional and compelling. BIG thanks!”

Can I see some examples?

Of course! We have thousands of these things so here are a few.
We design microvideos, audios and quote cards-and the rest is normally written.
Want to see more examples and learn more about Amp Content? Get the demo video to your email…

Questions we get asked all the time

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Easy!  We do an auto-interview, which you can do on your own time. Basically it’s a video interview we’ve pre-recorded to do with you. This will make sense soon.

There’s no reason you can’t get some content on the board – after all, without content, how are clients supposed to know what you do?

About 5 minutes to buy and submit your content.

If you’re doing the auto interview, 30-45 minutes.

Any video or podcast, between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

We do need the content to be created by you, but if your assistant submits it, no problem.

Nah. Just do this whenever you need a boost. Weekly, monthly,  quarterly. Whenever.

While we usually market to coaches and consultants, this process works for any business where you’re trying to promote SOMEONE. It won’t work for a gym, an ecommerce store,  a pharmacy or a felt tip pen company. The idea here is to get your audience to hear your voice and see your face every day, so that they trust you, like you and buy from you. While we COULD make this work for other types of businesses, we just want to stick with what we know works, which is:
Personal brands
Lawyers, personal trainers, specialists  (and other things that are run by one person and not a business)
Course creators

Slow down there, partner.

Firstly, you do still have to create the original content.

Secondly, this is a BOOST. You should still show up on social media and make:

Personal posts, and

Promote whatever you’re promoting.

But 15 posts a month will help a lot!

Great question. The content is always yours, we do not own it. Although we do reserve the right to use the pieces we make to promote our service, every piece we create is yours.

We can do that for sure – we have a different offer called the Social Content System. You can put your team into it and in less than 30 days they’ll know how to chop things up just like we do. 

Alternatively my team can set up the whole thing for you and personally train your team – just email team@powercreative.me for more info.

There’s no reason you can’t get some content on the board – after all, without content, how are clients supposed to know what you do?

Anything between 15 minutes and an hour long. If you have a lot of content, you might want to buy a double batch.

You can hire a VA to do your social, yes. But then you have to spend time training them in a repurposing system that you don’t have. Who has time for that?

Most of our clients tried social media managers in the past and were disappointed that they never got their brand voice right.

If you do have a VA, give them access to all the content we create every month, and have them distribute it in Facebook groups, Instagram stories, FB stories, or wherever you want to post to.

Listen, that’s a real thing. It can be shocking to see yourself showing up on beautiful graphics, saying intelligent things, consistently, day after day if you’re not used to seeing yourself that way. 

But, perception is reality and we think that if you want to grow your business, you’ve got to grow how you see yourself as well. So, this content will have you looking at yourself as the person you want to be, and when you see yourself that way consistently, you’ll start to believe it. You’ll start to take yourself more seriously. And we think that’s going to make a big difference to all sorts of things. 

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